Pitching the Past-August 7, 2016

The “putt, putt, putt” of the old John Deere slowed and strained as the guys pitching bundles of grain into the antique threshing machine picked up the pace.  No matter how fast they fed the grain into the machine, the old tractor just chugged along and did the job; a true survivor.

Such nostalgic events take us back to the days before Roundup-Ready corn and soybeans; the days when small grain still played an important part in farm crop rotations.  Fencerows and field ends still harbored milkweeds and other plants depended upon by various species of butterflies and moths.

Most species of butterflies still chug along, their numbers smaller, yet their beauty is still the same as in the past.  Hopefully we will not pitch too many new obstacles into their environment to stop them from being the survivors they seem to be.




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