Plants Go to Market-May 16, 2015

Farmers Market 2Spring Showers

Some of our plants took a trip to the farmers market on Saturday and were asked about the experience.

“I have been called many things, from my formal Latin name of Monarda fistulosa, to wild bergamot, to my common name of bee balm, yet I speak for all of my native plant friends when I say we were all thrilled to travel to the farmers market. We were all looking our very best and anxious to be adopted by our gardener friends. At the market we were surrounded by enthusiastic gardeners who wanted to give us permanent homes in their gardens. Along with our other friends such as vegetables, herb plants and annual plants, we felt the festive mood of planting time. We are all ready to do our part to enhance the bee and butterfly populations as well as provide food and aesthetics for the summer gardeners.  All we need are some timely showers to spur us on to greatness.”



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