Power on the Prairie-November 19, 2017

Wind turbines seem to be springing up in numerus places upon our windswept prairie.  Early settlers complained about the incessant wind as they moved out into the western areas of flyover country.  It is said that the constant winds drove some to insanity.  We seem to have many areas around here with very dependably sustained winds; now considered a resource.

Friday, as nearly a foot of snow fell upon our little tract of flyover country, the winds gusted over fifty miles per hour, whipping up quite a blizzard. It was an abrupt change, turning our landscape white in a hurry, after a week of awesomely beautiful “super moon” nights.  Hunters blamed the “super moon” for turning the deer into a super-nocturnal state of mind.  Whether it be wind, “super moons,” or snow, it is hard to find a consensus as to whether they are good or bad.  Many are the conundrums of flyover country.




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