Prairie Fire

We get a lot of prairie fires and wildfires during the spring and early summer, around here, especially when the weather is dry and our incessant winds add strength to the burning. Many of our fires are set on purpose, as we burn off prairie areas that actually benefit from burning; enhancing the re-growth of native grasses.
I watched a prairie fire begin. With just a match and a torch; the dry remnants of last year’s prairie caught fire. The smoldering red lines of grass, following last year’s growth, quickly followed the dry fuel and began to ignite the prairie into a blazing inferno.
As I approach the release of my latest book “Water and Dirt,” I realize that the writing of a book is much like a prairie fire. We begin with just the strike of an idea, much as a match beings a prairie fire; so insignificant, so rudimentary. Yet the idea begins to grow, to catch fire as a character emerges and begins to blaze as he roars into our author’s mind. The idea builds, as characters and scenes begin to thunder into our consciousness, just like a prairie fire races across the prairieland, and its smoke and heat become noticeable from afar. The hope for each book, each paragraph that we write is that it becomes as visible as prairie fire and changes those who experience it.



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