Puppy Potential

Hemingway 9-7

Of course there is nothing sweeter than a warm, wiggly puppy. Our puppy is the epitome of cute. Little Hemingway could melt the heart of a hardened killer with one quizzical look. Yet, the crux of the matter is indeed the term “puppy.” As cute as he is, the ‘puppyness’ manifests itself all day long. We give him many fine chew toys but he still insists upon chewing on things like cords and furniture. We must redirect the chewing to suitable things many times in a day. Of course we enjoy watching the cute pup, but we find that watching him like a hawk is really a requirement.


The potty training goes well, yet we find that the most important training is our training; watching closely for those critical times that he should go “potty” and being sure to get him outside at these times. Of course it seems that we are the ones being trained.


Despite all of these things, there are those moments of brilliance that the puppy shows us. He ran to the door the other day and upon letting him out, he ran at once to the grass during a rainstorm, went potty, and quickly returned to the house. Maybe he really gets it!


Despite his purely puppy antics, there are glimpses of maturity, and flickers of potential. He responds to his name when called. He will sit on command, and in those wild puppy eyes there is occasionally a flicker of maturity and calm. The most hopeful thing is that he retrieves like a champ. He brings back a retrieving dummy like a little professional. If only for this one talent we tolerate the 90% puppy that he is!



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