Red Equinox-Sept. 27, 2015

Early fall seems to have a theme. There is red everywhere. Red sunsets paint the sky on most sunny evenings. There are the brilliant reds of the prairie grasses waving on the hills. We are about to have another “red moon,” and the red planet Mars blazes in the morning sky. The maples are beginning to turn red and the young rooster pheasants have now colored out in their brilliant red garb.

Having just passed the autumnal equinox, I’ve decided it is the red equinox. It contrasts with the spring equinox in March, which is usually the black and white equinox. The daily sunlight of both equinoxes is the same but the land takes its que from the season before. Although the day-lengths are the same the land still holds the warmth of the summer now, but in March the frost of winter still lurks in the earth.




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