Renewable Energy-August 1, 2015

After spending time on Saturday observing steam-powered threshing, I realized that I had a breakthrough in renewable energy.  Steam power, of course!  You burn wood to boil water and create steam.  Wood of course is solar power, since it takes sunlight to grow trees.

Once again I find out my dad was right.  He loved steam engines; used to run them at threshing time.  How is it he was so far ahead of his time?

Now I wonder, when will Toyota or Honda come out with a steam-powered car?  Admittedly it would be a bit inconvenient to get up at four in the morning to light a fire in the old Subaru to build up a head of steam for the drive to work.  But we are also talking safety here as well.  Steam power must be safer than those big high voltage batteries in the hybrid cars.

Certainly Steam power is the future!August 2bAugust 2a



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