Secret Lake

Secret Lake

I suppose there are really not any secret lakes since they are probably all on the map or at least show up on some aerial photograph. Yet, here in our neck of the woods in Flyover Country there are numerous lakes that during a snowy, windy winter have no easy access other than by snowshoes, skis, or snowmobile.


During the summer, we drive the winding two track trails to reach these hidden gems, but now they take a bit of work to reach. These are the lakes that aren’t on major roads and for certain don’t have roads plowed out onto their frozen surfaces for easy fishing access.


The winter-hidden lakes take some time to reach and upon reaching them you’re not surprised to see a pair of January coyotes running across the ice in broad daylight, or an eagle perched in a large tree on the shore. There are no fish houses on these lakes and the pristine silence and unmarked snow- cover invite investigation. Of course fishermen must also drill a few holes and investigate below the surface of such beautiful and unique bodies of water. Here may be found untapped schools of large, hungry pike or pan sized bluegills. Such was the case on a recent day when the temperature broke the zero mark and the spirit of adventure rose with the temperature.


I suppose that I should disclose where my most recent secret lake is located, but if I did it would no longer be a secret lake. Have fun exploring the January snow!



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