Showers and Flowers, Bird Chicks and Lots of Ticks-May21, 2017

As I applied the long-term tick and flea protection to the dogs, I realized that I have found less ticks on the dogs than I’ve found crawling on myself.  The “tick guard” really works for dogs.  We humans need to be vigilant during tick season.

The native flowers are blooming on schedule and the cool weather and rain will assure a long bloom-time.  The prairieland is now in full hatch.  The geese are as early as we’ve ever seen and even some pheasant chicks have been noted.  All the cool, wet weather does not bode well for the fragile chicks.

My guess is that the next warm spell will begin he mosquito season which promises lots of high protein food for the birds while we will supply high protein food for the mosquitoes.



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