Signs of Spring-February 12, 2017

In addition to the unseasonably warm weather lately, there are also many signs of spring.  For those of us in the greenhouse business, there are the newly-germinating plants along with freshly filled pots ready to be planted with our seedlings and cuttings.  The humid smell of new soil and the buzz of activity as each day, seeds are planted, watered, and nurtured to life.  The days are lengthening and it seems that we have now reached “maximum ice” on area lakes, with definite changes occurring as snow melts and water now accumulates on the ice surface.

Saturday was the annual meeting of the St. Paul Growers Association, when many small farmers get together to plan and vote, as the association carries on the traditions of the founders.  It is great to visit with other growers, many like us, are now busy in the greenhouse.  When you talk with growers about the weather and the season, it is not just ‘small talk,’  It is the topic we live by.  Good to see so many people and plants are now popping up in the greenhouse.



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