Skid-loader Spuds and Inebriated Insects


Since early July we have grabbed the garden fork almost every day and gone out to the garden where we have dug out a day’s supply of new potatoes. Now it is time to get the rest of the crop out of the soil and into our storage for winter use. Along with onions and various winter squash, these will be kept in cool storage for the winter.

Lately I have been using the skid loader to lift the potatoes before picking them up. I slide the two forks of the fork-lift so they are next to each other and then just drive the forks under the potato row and lift up. Works pretty slick! All I need to do is pick up the potatoes.

I’ve been engaged in the winemaking adventure, harvesting both red and white grapes. I’ve done three batches of wine; one of red grapes, one of all white, and one of a mix of the two grape varieties. The other day as I screened the grape skins and seeds from a batch of red wine, I took the pail of pressed skins outside. It was a warm day and when I went back out to empty the pail a huge number of bees, wasps, and hornets were crazily feeding on the wine- laced pulp. They seemed to be flying very erratically and couldn’t seem to get enough of the alcoholic nectar. I felt I was contributing to the delinquency of a lot of under-age insects!



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