Solstice Rain

photo of flooded field

Here in the north- country we are now experiencing our longest days of the year. We can garden and fish until 10 PM and woe to those with young kids, who hope to get those kids to bed by 8 o’clock! We are all hopped up on daylight and warmth.

Along with our long and often sunny days, full-fledged summer has also arrived. Towering thunderheads, heavy rain, and hail all seem to be part of the mix, as well. Last night several inches of rain converted some of our local farmland back into wetlands. Lots of wet soil and extra surface water are apparent right now.

As I talk to people about my latest book “Water and Dirt,” I often refer to the native Minnesota wetland plant called Arrowhead (Sagitaria latifolia for us plant nerds). It lives in water and dirt. Arrowhead is a survivor, capable of living half- submerged on the edge of a marsh or farther up from the water’s edge. If the land where it lives, completely dries up and even if that land is farmed, when the spot becomes wet again the Arrowhead will be there growing. Arrowhead is truly a survivor, much like some of the rural characters in “Water and Dirt.”



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