Spring Begins-April 23, 2017

I’ve put in many years in the plant growing business and each year, as spring begins, is a new adventure.  We’ve spent months in the greenhouses, nurturing plants for their journey to the outside world.  There seems to be no two springs alike.  In recent years we’ve seen a spring when the lakes were still frozen over at this time, and of course this year the ice has been out for weeks and I have even been able to plant potatoes already.  My ‘winter onions’ are up and growing nicely and offer the first fresh taste of the garden so far.

Some springs begin in fits and spurts, with warm days and cooler ones in between.  Other spring seasons jump out of the gate and the warm days never look back; just running rapidly into summer.  The sure thing is that we have the age-old cycle of lengthening days and inevitably warming weather.  It has never let us down and so we venture into spring with the confidence that is shared with us by trees, flowers, and other plants; buds open and green begins to creep into the nooks and crannies until it engulfs the land with the gift of summer.



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