Spring Frenzy

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The weather has done a complete reversal here in northern flyover country. Last week we endured cold and even the threat of frosts at night, and now we are in the 80s and it seems that outdoor chores and gardening must be completed!


The lawn needs mowing, the garden needs planting, and to top it off the fish are biting and need some attention as well. The fish part is easy and the meals of fresh fish and heaps of asparagus from the garden are a real joy. Spring is a time of long days, good food, and a new sense of ambition and accomplishment.


Although my potatoes, onions, and other cool season crops have been planted, I felt it time to even set out my sweet potato plants. After a season of severe gopher problems in the sweet potato patch, I have devised a method of keeping the little marauders from eating my sweet potato crop. Large inverted plastic pots with the bottoms cut out have been placed over each plant. We will see how this works out!


Our trustee Labrador retriever, who loves the cool seasons, now suffers from the heat, and retreats to the cool basement floor during the warm days. Yet, who could not like the time of year when the mosquitoes have not yet hatched and the weather is warm, pleasant, and sunny!



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