Stalked by the Polar Vortex

Polar vortex indicatorPolar Vortex Fare

We’ve been relentlessly stalked and pursued the last 10 days; some folks have even been wounded. Physical wounding came in the form of frostbite and of course there was the wounding of our pocketbooks with heating costs soaring. Yes, we have all been victims of the “polar vortex.” The polar vortex is not only mean and ferocious, but crafty as well. Its stealthy presence has been documented many times here in Flyover Country. For now, it has slipped away to its frozen lair somewhere in the Arctic regions, but certainly it lies in wait to attack again. Our only hope is that the watchful media will keep an eye on it and warn us of its reappearance. It seems to me that the polar vortex might be somehow related to the “Jabberwocky” depicted by Lewis Carroll in his poem entitled “The Jabberwocky.” In fact on one particularly cold night I think I heard the ‘vorpal blade’ go ,snicker- snack.’ And so the polar vortex has retreated.


Upon the recent retreat of the ferocious polar vortex I poked my head from my sheltering bunker and behold the ‘vortex indicator’ (that’s a thermometer in layman’s terms) had jumped to 15° above zero! It was a perfect day to venture out onto a frozen lake and catch a meal of fish. With the polar vortex only a retreating memory I headed out. The beauty of ice-fishing is that it enables us to blend the seasons at mealtime. Green beans frozen from last summer and potatoes dug last fall teamed up with “post vortex” fish from the ice covered lake.


The fish were prepared by rolling them in a coating of pulverized’ Cheez- Its’ and then fried. The green beans were cooked with butter, salt, pepper, and dill with some onions from last summer’s garden. The potatoes were baked with olive oil, salt, and rosemary. One thing about a head to head clash with the polar vortex is that it does work up a pretty good appetite!




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