Summer Solstice Ramblings

GaillardiaBlooming Potatoes

The past winter left my grapes with a large amount of die out. The dead wood needs to be cut out of the grape trellises. Even in the greenest of times there are still scars of the last winter.  Mostly,  we are at the peak of growing and the land is as green as it can possibly be.


Aside from pruning dead branches from grapes, there is much alive in the garden. The last of the winter onions are now dug, leaving some plants to produce the ‘top sets’ for next year’s crop. I have also noticed that the Merlot red lettuce is an extremely beautiful lettuce; dark crimson leaves almost too beautiful to eat.  The potatoes are now in full bloom, hinting at the possibility of luscious new potatoes to eat soon.  Out among the wildflowers, the flaming wheels of the gaillardia are now in full bloom.  Tonight is one of those unique evenings when the western sky is lit up with lightning and the prairie to the east of our house is lit up with fireflies. More rain appears imminent; the summer so far being extremely wet. The fireflies seem to mark the beginning of summer on a warm solstice night. Summer is a rambling time and so my writing rambles today!




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