Super Bowl on Ice-January 31, 2015

Ice Bowl

It won’t cost us thousands of dollars to access our local super bowl. It is well attended by fishermen, skiers, and snowmobilers; definitely “game on.” The restless surface of the bowl is constantly shifting; tortured by temperatures that can fluctuate by 50 or 60 degrees in short periods of time, it cracks and heaves as it thickens to its January and February maximum. There are now a couple of feet of ice on most of our super bowls in the area. Below the surface of the ice, the fish seem to have begun to move deeper, as attendance has grown, with more players on the ice and increased numbers of holes being drilled.

Occasionally a ski plane will ‘touch down’ on the ice and in the morning, the person who is ‘first down’ with his bait will catch the first fish. Everyone is a winner out on the ice bowl. Crowds are manageable, the air is crisp and clean, and noise levels can be controlled by choosing seats in less crowded areas. If you must; someone is sure to have a TV dish on their fish house so you can catch the other game as well.



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