Supper on Ice-January 25, 2016

After a long and very nice fall the sub-zero cold has arrived and with it thick, solid ice on most area lakes.  Ice fishermen have now gotten onto the lakes for the ice-fishing season.  Fresh walleye is once again on the menu.

It is difficult for Minnesotans to stay off the lakes, summer or winter.  The fish however, at this time of year much prefer to stay off the ice.  For many folks, walking and driving on Minnesota lakes in winter is pretty much second nature.  I am reminded of these second nature winter things, by today’s 4 or 5 inch snowfall.  As people came to work, no one really talked about the snow.  Someone went out and automatically shoveled the snow from the side-walk, with no comment about the weather.  No schools closed and the so-called ‘nuisance’ snowfall got little attention.  Of course a snowfall of the magnitude that the East Coast got this las weekend would have gotten some news coverage, but the coverage would have stopped in about one news cycle as the roads were quickly cleared and everything got back to normal in a few short hours.  Sometimes I shudder at the winter weather we pay little attention to, and just take in stride.




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