The Battle Rages-Feb. 14, 2016

While El Nino and the Polar Vortex are locked in the near-apocalyptic battle for our winter weather, we in the greenhouse are just trying to maintain a moderate environment of spring like conditions.

On this Valentine’s Day there seems to be little love between the forces of warm and cold.  Yet even with the snow on the ground, the dark, plowed fields gather the ever-increasing sunlight and melt through as El Nino seems to push eastward and the deadly Polar Vortex is sentenced to life on the East Coast.

Even though we are filled with love and warmth as we tend our greenhouses, the crop growing inside is affected by all of the outside weather changes.  Sunlight, sub-zero temperatures outside, and moderating days do affect our crop even as we maintain optimum growing conditions inside.  Despite the monumental influences of Alberta Clippers, El Niño, and even the dreaded Polar Vortex, we plug along with our sights set upon spring outdoors and the warmth and love of our plants as spring returns.  Thousands of Milkweeds of various species are readying themselves to spread the love to butterflies, bees throughout Flyover Country.




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