The Coldest Valentine’s Day in 72 Years-Feb. 14, 2015


Yes, the meteorologists tell us it’s the coldest Valentine’s Day in 72 years. Perhaps we might say, “cold day, warm heart,” or something like that. What will loving couples do on such a momentous occasion? Here in frozen flyover country many will embrace the day, celebrate the Valentine’s Vortex. It might be a great day to go ice fishing together, watch a hockey game, go skiing, snowmobile, or go snowshoeing. There are so many things to do that involve some sort of frozen water. With the day’s high temperatures expected to hover near zero there should be plenty of frozen water available in all forms. Of course for the movie lovers there is a good selection: “Frozen,” “Fargo,” “The Mighty Ducks,” or “Grumpy Old Men.” These movies could perhaps be viewed while sipping a daiquiri or some sort of slushy drink.  Global warming is not going to ruin a good Minnesota Valentine’s Day.



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