The Final Winter Warning

Yellow Snow

We have lived a winter of warnings, watches, and advisories. The ‘polar vortex’ has tormented us more than usual and the blizzard winds have been relentless. Now as temperature  moderation seems inevitable,  we again anticipate the outdoor activities that normal February and March weather afford. Yet, having been covered by snow since November, I’m afraid another warning is in order. It’s a warning we northern folks have heard since childhood.


This time of year finds numerous coyotes and foxes on the move, marking their territory, and countless dogs out each day doing their daily business and hurrying back to the warmth of hearth and home. Yet all of this canine activity necessitates the age-old admonition: “don’t eat the yellow snow.” The yellow snow warnings need to be posted along each and every ski trail. Snow-shoe enthusiasts, as well as snowmobilers must heed the warnings and watches for the prevalent yellow snow which now abounds in our winter wonderland.


As usual, in dangerous winter conditions, being prepared is of the utmost importance.  A water-bottle carried in a coat pocket or fanny-pack can make the difference.  By all means, don’t let these warning s ruin your winter recreation, but be prepared when you encounter the yellow snow conditions, to avoid the perils that can ruin an enjoyable winter outing.



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