The Full Count

As they say in baseball, the string is out. We are at the full count of winter. There is over 3 feet of ice on the lakes. We have at least 2 feet of snow on the ground, and we haven’t had a thawing temperature for many weeks. This is a pretty normal condition for late February around here.


Now we stand at the brink of March. March is the month of transition. The days lengthen greatly, the average temperatures rise incrementally. Even now as we spend our days in the greenhouse, we begin to introduce plants to the longer days and even open the vents to drop tempered air from the outside onto the plants.  Response to the atmospheric changes is amazing, as the young seedlings green up and grow. Yet this is only the beginning for these young sprouts that have never known summer or even deep spring. Late February and March are only the start of a rapid race to maturity for our plants.


For us it is also a new beginning as we hear the subtle spring songs of birds, and experience the first drips of melted snow from warming roofs. Whether March comes in like a lion or a lamb, in another month the inevitable change- up will come at us, and we are certainly ready to take a swing at it.



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