The Optimism of March

March SnowPruning Grapes

The vernal equinox is always an exciting occurrence. Our days are now longer than the nights! In the greenhouse we can begin to turn off the day- extending supplemental lighting. Although the weather of March always has its ups and downs, the general trend is up. Now when it snows we call it a “spring storm.” After about a half- foot of snow on Tuesday, Thursday was a gorgeous sunny day; perfect for pruning grapes. By day’s end most of the snow had melted.


March is one of the spiciest months, seasoned by wintry fits, mellowing thaws, and an infusion of new life as birds migrate and hibernators come back into active existence. In our greenhouse, March is probably the month of greatest growth and change. It is the most pivotal month, a time when we must stay on schedule and capture every moment of its precious potential. This is not just the “let’s get it over with” month. Enjoy its fickle change and bask in its optimism.



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