The Other White Meat

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I had visions of a nice pot of wild rice soup made with leftover turkey after Thanksgiving. Our large group however, did very well at eating leftover turkey meat during a couple of subsequent post-Thanksgiving meals, and all that greeted me in the refrigerator was a pile of bones.


The good news is that along with all the other homegrown and native ingredients of wild rice soup, pheasant meat is one of the very best, next to leftover turkey. A late season foray into the prairie grass and sandbar willow thickets not only helped to walk off a bit of the Thanksgiving feast but also produced the meat ingredient for my wild rice soup.


Wild rice soup is a pretty basic soup. All the ingredients are still available from my cold storage or freezer from last summer’s garden. The wild rice is native- harvested from our Minnesota lakes. First I simply sauté equal parts of: chopped onion, carrots, and celery.  Cook the pheasant meat before adding the small chunks to the soup. Along with water, broth and the other ingredients, add seasoning and the uncooked wild rice. A bit of garlic, thyme, and salt-and-pepper are good seasonings. It takes a while to cook the soup until the rice is fully tender. Adding some heavy cream and a bit of flour will thicken it up. It’s a hearty soup that will warm up even a cold late November day in Minnesota.


Getting back to the former white meat I must relate that while driving on Thanksgiving we saw a large flock of wild turkeys.  I guess not all turkeys spend their Thanksgiving in the kitchen!



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