The Puppy and the Folks

Hemingway on Rug

The little invader is here now and the typical canine pack mentality is in for a reshuffling.   Our older dog is wondering what use we could possibly have for a noxious little puppy, and at times during these first days of a new puppy we also wonder. Lamps with cords are not guaranteed to stay perched upon end- tables. The sleeping older dog is never going to fulfill his peaceful happy needs, as the exuberant little puppy pulls on ears and chases his chew bone. We too are in a constant state of alert, watching the pup for even the slightest indication he may need to go out for a potty break, or that he may be about to  violate a house rule.


Yet the two dogs seem to be acclimating to each other, establishing rules and boundaries, and deciding which end of the rug is inbounds for the new-comer. The little shaver only weighs about 1/10 of the other dog but his impact upon our schedules and our household in general, is monumental. Yet all is not easy for the puppy either. It’s all new to him. New food, new water, new bed, not to mention the loss of ten other siblings and his mother, are all changes he needs to overcome.


We are impressed by his resilience; his passion for each waking hour, as well as his capacity to lie down totally exhausted. The last we also share with pup.



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