The Race-February 6, 2016

As I cross-country skied the other day across the hills and prairies near our greenhouses, I thought of the winter races in our area that center around skiing or snowmobiling.  Yet I had left an even more amazing winter race behind in the greenhouses.

The seasonal race is on, in the warm, moist protection of the greenhouse to see which plants will win the germination and growing race.  Thousands of seeds are now racing to break their seed coats and spring from the soil. As in any race, not all get off to the same kind of start but it is the long run that decides the winners.  Some start slow but grow strong and hardy as they pace themselves toward the goal.  From now on the greenhouse plants are racing toward spring when they can be released into the outdoors to claim victory out in the elements and do their part in the green world of summer.





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