The Wolf Moon

January MoonSnow Fun

As we experience the full moon of January, with its brilliant nights of reflected light off winter snow- cover, we realize why it is called the Wolf Moon. Predators, both four-legged and winged hunt long and hard on these bright nights.


Most of our hawks seem to have left the area, but we are still seeing bald eagles which seem to live on small animals, and also on the remains of deer that have fallen to the severe weather and four-legged or four wheeled predators. Our domestic canines keep their forays into the snowy landscape to a minimum and they try to stay on packed ski and snowmobile trails avoiding the usual habit of ranging wide on our ventures into the outdoors.


I have thought about teaching my Labrador skijoring (having a harnessed dog pull a person on cross-country skis), but then decided that maybe I didn’t want to ski that fast.

The cold moonlit nights of January have inspired me to verse:

The January Moon

The January moon seldom fails

To lead my gaze from sky to diamond snow.

It seldom fails to make me know

The shadows hidden deep at other times.

The January moon seldom fails to paint

The white/gray frosting on snowshoe trails

It seldom fails to expose the night,

Bare and naked sight,

Of reddened snow at end of frozen tracks.

The January moon seldom fails

To taunt of beauty viewed from warm window rails

And seldom fails to smile on stiffened scenes.



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