To Bee or Not to Bee

Too BEE or Not to BEE

There is a lot of discussion lately about bees and their demise. Of course most life as we know it is ultimately dependent upon the existence of bees. Pollination by bees ensures that many varieties of plants survive and of course so many of those plants are extremely important to human existence.

There is also much discussion about what might be causing the bee population to nosedive. Chemicals and pesticides are looked at closely, farming practices and GMO plant varieties are often talked about, and of course climate change is often cited. Yet, for all the discussion of causes, no clear consensus seems to emerge.

One thing that I have seen, that is positive and useful in the attempt to save our bees, is a great interest in planting more native plants into our yards, gardens, and landscapes. It is certainly more useful to be doing something positive rather than only looking for blame. Bees and other beneficial insects thrive on their native plant hosts. I see great insect activity in our wildflower gardens. The bee on the blanket flower and the butterflies on the milk weeds tell me what I need to know; these plans need to bee-come the focal point in our landscapes.



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