Transition-November 16, 2014

Trigger -11-16Thermometer

The transition from fall to winter has been quite decisive this year. Ten short days ago the lakes were open and there was still a greenish hue to the lawn. Rainbows even graced the sky after a brief shower. The bottom has fallen out now after a foot of snow and below- freezing temperatures for ten days. Yesterday I saw the first portable ice fishing shelter on an area lake and the next ten- day forecast promises numerous lows near zero or below and no hope of a return to fall.

The transition of our puppy into a dog seems to be progressing more slowly. There are moments of hope when he lies on the carpet contentedly observing us with a sagacious air of sophistication. Later we will find him dragging our socks and shoes around or attempting to pull something off a counter by its cord.

We like to savor the slower and often- beautiful transition of fall into winter. Sometimes we would like the transition from puppy to dog to be a bit more instantaneous.



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