Unfurling in the Sun-March 21, 2015

Tuberous BegoniaAsarum

We ask the plants in the greenhouse:  “How does the Equinox affect you?”

“As a begonia plant I have been restricted to a very specific portion of the greenhouse. I have found it necessary to stay beneath supplemental lighting for the last several weeks. I need days that are at least as long, if not longer than, the nights. Fortunately in the greenhouse I am provided the extra light each day to meet my requirements and help me to set flower buds and be happy and healthy. Some of my friends here in the greenhouse, like the wild Ginger plants, seem to do just fine with whatever daylight they receive but I need my long days to be all I can be.”

“Now the ‘good times’ have arrived and with the arrival of the Equinox the days are now over 12 hours long and I am free to move to other parts of the greenhouse. The natural daylight now suits me just fine and I long for the days this spring when it will be one warm enough for me to be planted outside in the wonderful summer climate of Minnesota.”



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