What Makes a City Boy Tick? – May 11, 2015


New York City born and raised, he married our Flyover Country daughter. Yesterday was a fine day for him and me to hike the prairie and explore the beauty of a pristine Lake. Most folks launch their boat at the nearest lake and harass walleyes, but we decided upon a land attack.

The wood ticks had their own land attack in mind. As we hiked the prairie trail amid booming Pasque flowers and pussy toes, the little stowaway ticks attached themselves by the dozens, clinging to our pant legs and shoes. There are certain dues that must be paid to view the early spring flowers in their natural environment.  Certainly I had warned, “Tuck your pants into your socks and spray repellent on your shoes, socks, and jeans.”

Somehow Lyme disease crept into our conversation, and my city- bred son-in-law had a few panic attacks along the trail. Yet the beauty of the day, a thorough change of clothes, a shower, and the promise of a fresh walleye dinner are the things that really make us tick!



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