It’s pretty much been one blizzard after another around here the last couple of weeks. After the blizzard of about a week ago we had a bit of a reprieve. At the end of last week one of those rare and very innocent appearing snowfalls occurred. The snow actually came straight down and accumulated into a very docile fluff. The trees looked flocked, and the sun shone through high clouds like a silver dime that lit the countryside into a fairy world. Really it was just a time- release blizzard.


Today the innocent snowfall became activated by a forty mile per hour wind that took the few inches of innocent fluff and turned it into a drift- building whiteout. The temperatures have dropped below zero and the wind chills are even farther below zero. Coming home this afternoon I busted through drifted roads, and even had to help push a traveler’s car out of a deeply clogged side road.  Tonight is a dangerous night for us since we have greenhouses running now in preparation for spring, which still seems like only a far-off dream. Hopefully all the heating systems will keep working.


The Eagles seem to be back on duty at their nests now, preparing for the nesting season. I noticed a pair of mature bald eagles eyeing a group of pheasants that were trying to scratch a living along the gravel road. At least the days are getting longer as we all press onward upon the still- frozen landscape.



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