Wild Rice-Manoomin-August 23, 2015

We are fortunate here in northern flyover country to have a native edible grain.  Scientifically known as Zizania palustris, the Northern Wild Rice is a wonderful delicacy, used extensively by the native Ojibwa and Dakota who originally inhabited this area.

I am excited to have the photo that I have posted, which may not seem too exciting, except that I took it of wild rice plants growing in our own wetland.

We scattered the wild rice seeds into our pond late last summer, and miraculously some have come up.  We hope they produce mature seed and it drops into the water to propagate and enlarge the population.  Not only do we hope to eventually have a harvestable population, but it is also a very popular food for ducks and other aquatic animals.

Manoominike Gizzis-The Wild Rice Moon is here.

Rice 2Rice 1





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