Write It Down; Incorporate It

Incorporating Green Cover

As I researched some historical facts of the late 1800s, for a book I’m working on, I came across the factual account of someone who grew up in Pioneer Minnesota. In her account she wrote about drying vegetables to eat during the winter months, she described making a kind of syrup from corn-cobs, and told of all kinds of tasks that were very common and ordinary for her time. These were absolutely fascinating to me, giving me an insight into the extraordinary lives of people who settled in this area.


I am certain that these accounts seemed pretty plain and simple to the people who lived in those times, yet to us they are treasured accounts, and a realistic look into history. These accounts made me aware of the importance of what writers do. We write about the ordinary, and in many cases it seems uninteresting, yet the stories of now are the exciting adventures of history.


As I tilled a field the other day and incorporated the green plants of a cover crop into the soil, I was reminded that the plain, green, plant-material would bond with the soil to produce a wondrous crop in the future. It’s all about history!



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