Getting a Bad Rap-September 5, 2015

The Helenium autumnale known as ‘sneezeweed’ and the various goldenrods are blooming their hearts out right now, adding blazing golden hues to the landscape.  Yet they have the dubious honor of blooming just as the vicious, non-native ragweed is disbursing its noxious pollen into the air.

Most hay fever suffers are allergic to the ragweed pollen, but the lovely goldenrod and helenium seem to get blamed for the irritating pollen.  Actually, neither the so-called ‘sneezeweed’ nor the goldenrod have pollen that ever becomes airborne, but they are both blamed by hay fever suffers.

Enjoy the golden blooms of the wildflowers and know that the culprit of our suffering is really the less-than-stunning bloom of the ragweed.

September 6bphoto (18)