Water and Dirt

Water and Dirt CoverWater and Dirt tells the story of a Successful New York businessman Rutherford “Runt” Hobbes as he ponders his past life; orphaned and crippled at birth he slogged through the essence of survival in rural Minnesota. Surrounded by a colloquial bunch of characters, embodied in Buck the curmudgeon bar-fly, happy-go-lucky Uncle Mike, and a role model for life in Aunt Dorothy, Runt learns to grapple with the mysteries and realities of life. With the drums of the Vietnam war sounding constantly in the background, the realities of life in rural Minnesota can change quickly from frozen lakes to rice paddies, and the rush of water down a pristine stream can meld into the rush of traffic on a busy New York street.


Colorful characters, immense illumination of nature, and a story that describes the Minnesota fabric in the late sixties.  Not normally a book reader, I finished this book on bookends on a one week business trip. –David A.
Growing up in Minnesota during the time frame of this book, it evoked so many memories and captured the essence of rural Minnesota.  It was a great story and I stayed up really late to finish it. I just couldn’t put it down.- Linda B.


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